Transparent carbon offsetting

Imagine … a time when you can be sure of the impact of your tree planting efforts. A time when every tree you plant is captured on the blockchain and you can measure its carbon sequestration from the moment the seedling goes in the ground and track that for the next 10 years! With every tree delivering on average 250kg over the first 10 years of its life, your carbon offsetting just got easier and more transparent.





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carbon offsetting

How to calculate CO2 sequestration

A key “feature” of a tree is that trees sequester carbon – the process of removal and long-term storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere.
EcoMatcher and its tree-planting partners estimate that the trees planted sequester CO2 at an average….

The Basics of a Carbon Footprint

With climate change issues taking over government agendas, and sustainable development goals being given the topmost priority by individuals and corporates alike, the term “carbon footprint” has gained incredible traction over the past…

A Guide to Carbon Calculation and Offsetting

Global CO2 emissions have increased from 2 billion tons in 1900 to a staggering 36.5 billion tons in 2018, equalling 4.07 metric tons CO2 for the global average carbon footprint…..